Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Distressed Business Planning, Asset Protection, and Litigation

In today's market, distressed business planning and asset protection is becoming a more relevant legal concentration. Distressed business planning is a combination of laws involving judgments, asset protection, business law, and bankruptcy counseling. Often times, these interrelated areas of law affect a small to medium sized business owner and the options that they have available. In many cases, a small to medium sized business owner must consider whether Chapter 7 or 13 bankruptcy law is a good option for them. Obviously, many business owners and people are reluctant about using the bankruptcy code as a legal option. In many cases, a business owner or individual may negotiate their way out of debt and financial distress. In Cook County, Illinois, the Circuit Court of Cook County is filled with judgments and business owners that are facing default judgments. A default judgment is a court order where a Defendant failed to show up for a court and a Plaintiff got a judgment. The Plaintiff's judgment is called a "default judgment" because the Plaintiff got a judgment based on Defendant's lack of showing up for court.

Robertson Law Group, LLC is a business and asset protection law firm that concentrates in assisting small to medium sized business owners and individuals with their asset protection, business, bankruptcy, and litigation legal needs. In many instances, this unique niche is required to understand the unique and complex legal issues facing you.

Robertson Law Group, LLC is located at 35 East Wacker Drive, Suite 935, Chicago, Illinois 60601. We primarily practice in Chicago, Illinois at the Richard Daley Center and in the counties of Cook, Dupage, and Will Counties.

Sean Robertson is the Managing Partner and may be reached at (312)-854-7102.