Sunday, July 29, 2012

Wealth Preservation for Healthcare Professionals

Wealth Preservation for Healthcare Professionals By: Mildred I. Herrera, Esq., LLM (Tax) A comprehensive wealth plan preserves your assets and provides a smooth transition upon your death, incapacity, and/or beyond your life. A wealth preservation plan combines Trusts, Family Limited Partnerships, Limited Liability Companies, and Real Estate Preservation Trust, to name a few, to enhance your estate and asset protection and decrease your tax liabilities. Preserving your assets against malpractice suits, divorce, business interests, or risky investments requires the same type of individualization that a healthcare professional considers in prescribing a health regime. Divorce, business partnership disputes, failed business ventures, and breach of contract litigation are the most likely liability risks that threaten personal assets. Oftentimes, a Corporation or LLC does not protect against partnership, divorce, or business conflicts. These liability risks surprise physicians and threaten their and their family’s financial security. Generally, a general liability or malpractice policy does not cover these types of risks and these risks are generally ignored by most attorneys and healthcare professionals. Additionally, asset protection must plan for your beneficiary’s divorce and creditor concerns because most families and individuals hate their in-laws walking away with their hard earned assets. For high-risk professionals like healthcare providers, attorneys, business owners, and anybody with businesses or investments, putting all your eggs in one basket is too risky. The creative use of asset protection tools like Trusts, Family Limited Partnerships and Limited Liability Companies, to name a few, can be used to create a comprehensive asset and wealth preservation plan. Done properly, the loss of a risky investment should protect your other hard-earned assets and income. Healthcare professionals must act now to take advantage of economic uncertainty and possible claims. A solid asset protection plan must be implemented prior to a possible lawsuit or any attempts to shield your assets could be considered a fraudulent transfer. Also, consider how looming tax changes will affect your wealth and estate plan. A conservative yet creative estate plan must provide flexibility and protection. We rely on healthcare professionals to preserve our health, let a competent attorney assist in preserving your assets and legacy. You have worked too hard to allow a liability risk jeopardizes your retirement and one lawsuit could threaten your life’s dream and family’s security. Mildred I. Herrera is an Illinois licensed attorney with a Masters in Taxation (LLM (Tax)) with the Robertson Law Group, a boutique businesses and family law firm. The emphasis of her practice combines business, estate and tax planning. She can be reached at (312) 854-7102. Our website is The information contained in this article should not be construed as personalized legal or tax advice. Healthcare estate planning attorney, lawyer for physicians, Chicago estate planning attorney, physician estate planning, physician asset protection Chicago, physician asset protection Illinois, physician asset protection Naperville, physician asset protection Oak Brook, Illinois, revocable living trust physician Chicago attorney