Friday, February 19, 2010

Guardianship Court and Seniors

Last night, I went to a Bolingbrook Chamber of Commerce and Romeoville Chamber of Commerce after hours networking session. I spoke with a gentleman active in the Lion's Club. He informed me and the table about how his mother and is family where involved in guardianship court for his elderly mother.

First, guardianship court is the court where disabled adults go when there is a question of incapacity. In this example, this gentleman's story his elderly mother contested guardianship and had spent $150,000 of the estate's money on this guardianship case. Furthermore, major decisions cannot be made without the permission of the court. This can make everyday decisions frustrating and expensive.

At the Robertson Law Group, LLC, we can counsel your family on how to avoid guardianship and probate court or how to navigate probate or guardianship court.
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Sean Robertson is Principal and Attorney for Robertson Law Group, LLC. Robertson Law Group, LLC is a wills, trusts, estate planning, and elder law firm. We counsel clients and entities on how to better structure their estates, business interests, and personal property. In today's economy, it is increasing becoming important to avoid probate court and deal with creditor concerns.

Sean Robertson graduated from DePaul University College of Law in 2003 and concentrated his legal studies in the areas of taxation, corporate, and estate planning law.

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