Saturday, December 3, 2011

Entrepreneurship and Legal Protection

As a fellow entrepreneur, I understand how the legal decisions affect your business decisions. Often times, entrepreneurs focus on how to grow their business and pay little attention (if any) on how to protect the valuable assets of their business. In today's market, lawsuits and creditors claims are increasing and many entrepreneurs have taken out lines of credit and take significant risks. These risks often times are not covered by insurance or the entrepreneur does not have the capital to ensure the risks.

Asset protection is increasingly becoming important. Many entrepreneurs falsely believe that an Limited Liability Corporation or otherwise known as a "LLC" or S Corporation will protect them from business lawsuits. Unfortunately, many business owners have found out the hard way that their business entity was ill-equipped to protect them against lawsuits and creditor claims.

What do you mean? Simply put, business owners are being sued in their personal and business capacity. All of a sudden their home or investment real estate and personal assets are exposed to their business creditors. Additionally, business owners and entrepreneurs also sign personal guarantees and in difficult and trying times, entrepreneurs breach their agreements.

Sean Robertson is a business and entrepreneurial attorney that concentrates in asset protection, corporate law, and wealth preservation. Sean Robertson is based in Chicago, Illinois and is managing partner of Robertson Law Group, LLC. Robertson Law Group, LLC is an asset protection law firm concentrating in asset protection, business counseling and litigation, and estate planning.

Sean Robertson may be reached at (312)-854-7102. Our website is

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