Saturday, August 4, 2012

WVON Interview and Estate Planning Law

This morning, I was on a panel discussion on WVON on the Southside of Chicago. During this discussion, we talked about why a Quit Claim Deed to your adult child is a bad idea. During this discussion, we talked about how a lot of African-American clients and people in general believe that quit claiming their home to add one or more of their children's names will prevent a court process called probate court. Generally speaking, probate court is a court process that is required after the last spouse of a married couple is deceased or a person deceases without a husband and only children. A probate of the estate of the deceased person is necessary because legal title cannot transfer solely by a quit claim deed in Chicago or Illinois. A Quit Claim Deed is a legal way of transferring ownership of real estate to another person. Legally speaking the person that got the Quit Claim Deed is a part owner of the real estate for legal purposes. However, their ownership is not recognized by the mortgage company (if there is a mortgage) because the mortgage is between the financial institution and the borrower. The reason a Quit Claim Deed is not effective is because legal title only can be transferred upon the person having the mortgage transferring good title. Generally, a Quit Claim Deed only passes the buck onto the adult children decease because one cannot sell or refinance real estate in Cook County unless they have good title. Robertson Law Group, LLC is a boutique business and family law firm concentrating in estate planning, estate and gift tax planning, elder law, and wills and living trusts. Robertson Law Group, LLC is based in downtown Chicago and North Aurora. Our downtown Chicago phone number is 312-854-7102. Our Western Suburbs phone number is 630-637-1053. Our website is

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