Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Payroll Taxes & Asset Protection

I just read an article about many Americans particularly self-employed professionals are not able to make their quarterly estimated taxes. This has been a major problem over the last couple of years. Many self-employed professionals have been hit hard during this recession. Without adequate capital, many have failed to pay their fair share of employment or payroll taxes. The IRS is a jealous creditor and not a creditor that you want against you.

With advanced Asset Protection, you can protect your assets against potential liabilities such as IRS, Credit Card Companies, or Even Mortgage Companies. There is a law known as Fraudulent Convenyance, which means that you cannot hinder, delay, or defraud a creditor. Hence, the proper time to asset protection plan is prior to these potential litigation matters.

With the IRS, they have a huge leverage of you especially if you own a home. They can place a lien on your home and Levy your bank accounts or worse put your business into involuntarily bankruptcy. These are very serious matters where you will loose sleep over.

With proper Asset Protection, you can avoid liens being placed against your House & become judgment proof. For a free consultation, call Sean Robertson 312-498-6080 or RobertsonLawGroup@gmail.com.

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