Monday, April 27, 2009

Seniors: Guardianship is a serious concern


Guardianship is increasingly becoming a big legal risk facing seniors over age 55. Guardianship is a court process when somebody lacks the capacity to make decisions for themselves. When a person fails to execute a properly prepared Power of Attorney for Healthcare or Power of Attorney for Property, guardianship is required when one is incapacitated.

Guardianship is a court process where somebody must seek to be appointed guardian over their loved one's finances and healthcare decisions. Guardians are monitored by the court and cannot typically make decisions without a court saying "ok". Thus, guardianship can be an expensive and frustrating process for family members.

Seniors should execute a power of attorney for property & healthcare detailing their desires with respect to the handling of their finances such as who they want to manage their finances. Second, seniors should indicate who they want to appoint as their healthcare power of attorney. Seniors should also state whether they want their body parts donated or whether they want a Do Not Rescutate Order (DNR) or feeding tubes to assist them to eat. These are some of the many critical issues facing seniors.

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