Monday, December 14, 2009

Lawsuit protection and Asset Protection

In today's economy, protecting one's assets is becoming more vital. With the increased risk of mortgage foreclosures, breach of contract claims, and credit card bills increasing due to increased interest rates by the credit card companies, middle class Americans are increasingly struggling in making ends meet.

Asset protection is vital because one mortgage foreclosure could impact all of your real estate holdings. Thus, if you own four (4) investment properties, one mortgage foreclosure could jeopardize your other three (3) investment properties. With asset protection, we re-title your real estate property and therefore, isolate each real estate property from the liability exposure of the others.

Furthermore, when one faces a lawsuit or judgment, your bank accounts can be frozen, your personal property sold at auction, and real estate can be levied and sold at public auction. Thus, these are major issues, which are impacting Middle America.

At Robertson Law Group, LLC, we concentrate in Asset Protection for Middle America. We give you guidance on how to protect your assets and more importantly, give you peace of mind. Sean Robertson, Esq. can be reached at 312-498-6080 or We have meeting locations in Naperville, downtown Chicago, and Chicago Ridge (Southwest Suburbs).

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