Monday, April 12, 2010

Land Trust and Asset Protection

Illinois land trust are a good strategy to avoid liens and judgments. They also provide you privacy protection because the property appears to be in the Land Trust Company's name. Additionally, a Land Trust can designate who shall be the beneficiary of the property upon one owner's death. This is could be a private land trust may avoid probate court. It may avoid probate court because you can designate a beneficiary upon your death. Typically, a court procedure called probate is required when both spouses are deceased. However, with a properly drafted land trust agreement, the land trust agreement designates who the beneficiary shall be upon the owner's death. In today's litigation, a land trust is valuable because liens and judgments do not attach to your property. This is important because you can sell your house even though you have not satisfied the lien or judgment. Contact Sean Robertson for a free initial consultation. We have offices in Chicago, Naperville, and Chicago Ridge.

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