Friday, April 16, 2010

Power of Attorney and Seniors

This morning, I am meeting with a prospective client and his daughter and her husband. We are going to talk about a power of attorney. There are two (2) types of powers of attorney. The first type is a power of attorney for property or otherwise known as "POA Property". A POA Property is where the senior appoints a trusted person (likely daughter in this case) to be his power of attorney in case he has incapacity issues. Therefore, the daughter is empowered to make financial decisions for her dad such as payment of bills, real estate taxes, among many other bills. The second type of power of attorney is a power of attorney for healthcare or otherwise known as "POA Healthcare". A POA Healthcare is where the father appoints a trusted person (likely daughter again) to make healthcare decisions for him if he is unable to make these decisions.

Unfortunately, a power of attorney is often insufficient because if nursing home care (assisted living, etc.) is required, the nursing home will demand a guardianship hearing. The power of attorneys are relevant to any guardianship hearing, but a revocable living trust is really good option with the powers of attorney. Therefore, one can avoid the necessity of guardianship court. Guardianship court typically costs $1,500 in attorney's fees plus costs in a simple case. This is true for the Circuit Court of Cook County, Will County, and Dupage County.

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