Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Asset Protection and Litigation

Asset protection is critical in today's economy. Asset protection is a legal speciality, which is designed to protect one's business and personal assets to minimize one's exposure to taxes and liability risks.

Asset protection is the difference between bankruptcy and losing everything and peace of mind. There are several tools, which are critical for asset preservation purposes. The first tool is to understand your liability risks such as whether your personal residence is structured the correct way, whether you own any investment property (which is protected), and to examine what is your liability exposure to partnership, business, or real estate litigation.

An asset protection attorney will examine your liability risks and provide practical low-cost advice to minimize your liability risks and exposures. Second, an asset protection attorney will make sure your real estate, financial, and business liability risks are minimized and properly planned for. Finally, the asset protection attorney will educate you on how to properly minimize your liability risks going forward.

Sean Robertson is managing Partner of Robertson Law Group, LLC, which concentrates in asset protection, corporate and business law, litigation, and estate planning. Sean can be reached at 312-498-6080 or 630-364-2318. Robertson Law Group, LLC has offices in Naperville and downtown Chicago, Illinois.

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