Thursday, January 27, 2011

Estate Planning as an Asset Protection Tool

An effective estate plan is a good asset protection plan. First, estate planning assists you avoid probate court and guardianship. Probate court and guardianship proceedings are costly and diminish assets quickly. Second, an good estate planning avoids litigation risks and family conflicts. Third, when a probate proceeding is required, notice to your creditors is mandatory. Often times, avoidance of probate enables your loved ones and heirs to avoid certain creditors. Upon your death, a creditor has two (2) years to file a claim against the probate estate.

Sean Robertson is an estate planning and asset protection attorney that assists families and business owners determine a cost-effective estate plan that is customized to their unique legal needs.

Sean Robertson can be reached at either 630-364-2318 or 312-498-6080.

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